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Our programs are based on the Montessori philosophy of self-paced learning within a structured environment. It is enriched with programs in art, French, and frequent field trips.

Preschool program:
2.5 to 5 years of age

Kindergarten program:
5 years of age

Kindergarten students are the oldest in their mixed age groups. At this point they have become “experts” in their development and work with the basic Montessori material, and will now be working with more advanced materials.

Kindergarteners dedicate time to reading daily, practicing handwriting, and working on individual projects. As experts they become leaders and role models to the younger students. This becomes an excellent opportunity to develop their leadership skills. They grow in their sense of responsibility, increase self-esteem, and solidify their knowledge while continuously challenging themselves to learn new things. This gives the children the skills they need to meet new challenges and form a foundation for life.


Our Schedule – Full Day Program

8:00Centre opens
8:00–8:30Children settle in
8:30–11:30Montessori work begins
During our work time we guide each child through the Montessori curriculum. Our carefully prepared environment draws in each student to engage in meaningful work. All children receive one-on-one lessons which are individually prepared.
11:40–2:30Outdoor play, lunch and nap time
2:30–3:30Group work, arts & crafts
This portion of the day is designed to encourage children to work together in pairs with Montessori materials and art projects, supporting the week's theme.
3:45–4:10Circle time
Circle times are fun and enjoyable for everyone. Children will listen to stories pertaining to the theme of the month and learn songs. Circle time provides another opportunity to build relationships.
4:15–5:00Snack time, outdoor play time, pick-up
5:00Centre closes